Domestic & commercial storage in Shrewsbury

Storage containers

Hints & tips for storing your belongings

  • Make sure to open your unit regularly to check your items and help ventilation.
  • Use sheets of cardboard or plastic on the floor or over soft furnishings.
  • It is better to store large items with small gaps between each other to help ensure adequate air circulation.
  • Keep refrigerators, freezers and washing machines dry before storing.
  • Thoroughly dry refrigerators, freezers and washing machines before storing.
  • Clean ovens and cooking utensils to prevent rust.
  • Ensure liquids are stored in sealed containers to reduce the likelihood of condensation.
  • If storing garden and garage tools clean them thoroughly and wipe them with an oiled rag.
  • Keep perishable items on pallets or runners to ensure they avoid contact with spillages.

Make the most of your space

  • Disassemble beds and wardrobes to save space. Chairs can be stowed seat to seat or upside down on other items.
  • Store large items such as mattresses and settees on end or vertically.
  • Use plastic see-through boxes for storing small items - it makes it easy to see what is inside without opening them!
  • Fit racks to organise and store materials and tools.
  • Use ceiling hooks to hang frames, netting or support lines, crisscrossing the unit.
Storage container
Self storage

When storing vehicles:

  • If vehicles are regularly moved, cut timber wedges to bridge the step at the entrance.
  • Make sure to check the width of your vehicle.
  • Use ramps to get your vehicle over the small ridge at the entrance.
  • Drain all fuel or flammable liquids.

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